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Leonard Felder, Ph.D.


Leonard Felder, PhD has written 13 non-fiction books on personal health and family issues that have sold over 1 million copies and were translated into 14 languages. He has appeared on The Today Show, National Public Radio, CNN, ABC News, NBC News, Oprah, Canada AM, BBC London, and over 150 other radio and television interview programs. Three of his books won national awards for non-fiction writing.

In addition to his 25 years as a licensed psychologist in private practice in West Los Angeles, Dr. Felder volunteered during 10 of those years to help lead workshops for teens and adults on how to make progress dealing with racism, sexism, religious prejudice, and homophobia in your family and your workplace. He was awarded the Distinguished Merit Citation of the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) for these workshops, which have reached tens of thousands of individuals from all races, religions, and income levels.

Len and his wife Linda Schorin, an artist, have been married for 31 years and they are the parents of a young adult with special needs. Len has been invited to speak at many panels and conferences discussing how to be an involved dad and husband in the 21st century, plus how to deal with the stresses of juggling work, family, personal life, and health issues. For the past 20 years, Dr. Felder has taught over 2,000 counseling professionals at seminars nationwide regarding, “What Works and What Doesn’t Work When Trying to Help a Man Grow.”

Leonard Felder can be reached at (310) 815-1611 or