Doug Gertner, PhD
Workplace Solutions Consultant and Author of “The Grateful Dad’s Journal of Gratitude”

“With rich insights and interventions informed by 25 years of counseling individuals and couples, Dr. Felder’s latest book is a wonderful new resource that shines a spotlight on men’s urges and daily challenges. With gentle clarity, Len directly addresses sensuality, intimacy, men’s physical changes, short-fuse moments, and how to improve things. This is a gem of modern men’s literature.”

Catherine Auman
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of “Shortcuts to Mindfulness”

“Dr. Felder’s wonderful new book helps men and those who love them to choose behaviors and communication styles that enhance and share their kindness and generosity. I am happy to highly recommend it.”

Rabbi Jacqueline Redner
Founder/Director of the “Moses-Aaron Cooperative” for Special Needs Families

“I began reading this book as a rabbi but soon as a woman who loves her father, her husband, and her son and wants them to thrive in the realm of the heart. Dr. Felder takes us into that realm again and again with wisdom, compassion, and hope.”

Allen Corben
Co-chair, NOMAS (National Organization for Men Against Sexism)

“This book is a lovely gateway on how to improve a man’s relationship with colleagues, friends, partners, and relatives. It invites the sort of consciousness raising that brings old habits into focus, so that they can be unlearned, and points at those troubling examples of old masculinity which demonstrate a frightening potential for destructiveness. A man’s increasing emotional intelligence is deeply correlated with a richer, more fulfilling humanity, and that is truly to be desired.”

Sarah Murnen, PhD
Professor of Gender Studies and Psychology, Kenyon College (Ohio)

“In The Dilemma of the 21st Century Male, Dr. Leonard Felder provides practical advice and inspiring examples that can help men change patterns of behavior that are reminiscent of a past era…and increase their ability to become better partners and experience true intimacy. This book is very accessible for men who possibly want to change and also to others who care about them.”