Signed Copies


“The Dilemma of the 21st Century Male” by Leonard Felder, PhD is a thoughtful gift you can send to any or all of the following:

  • Your romantic partner
  • Your son, grandson, brother, uncle, dad, or granddad
  • The caring partner of a man who is a good man but this book can give you great ideas on how to help him become even better
  • The counselor, therapist, or helping professional who wants to improve how he or she deals with male clients
  • Anyone who is exploring gender studies, psychology, or personal growth methods
  • Anyone who realizes that the more we help men change and grow, the better off we all will be

If you would like signed copies to send to any or all of these people you care about, please send a check to:

Leonard Felder, PhD
2566 Overland Avenue, Suite 780
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Be sure to include: $18 per book ($14 for the book and $4 for postage and handling)
Plus: Your name and mailing address, as well as the name of each person who will be receiving the book and what you want the author to say on the inside front page when he signs the book .